Abdull Bowman pictured with his dad and iconic herbalist, Dr. Sebi.


MAY 14 | 1 pm - 3 pm PST

Community Health Check

with Abdull Bowman

Son of Dr. SebI

Join us on May 14 for an in-depth conversation about health in our community. Leave with methods, best practices, remedies for being the most health version of yourself. Ask questions that are important to you.

Community Health Check with Abdull Bowman

Mr. Abdull Bowman, son of Dr. Sebi, is carrying on his father’s legacy and mission to heal the community using natural remedies and through the implementation of a proper alkaline diet. He has committed to proving information, remedies, and resources to the community that help heal the body naturally and provide a roadmap to a healthier self.


Let's talk about: